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A business license grants the owner the right to start and run a particular type of business in the city, county, state, or country that issues it. It is a type of permit indicating the company has the government’s approval to operate. Government agencies can fine or shut down a business that operates without a license. Depending on the type of business you run, you may need a local, county, state, or federal license – or none at all. Where your company is located will determine the type of license you need and where to obtain it.

One Stop Shop

ACBR One-Stop-Shop established on FY1396-based decree #2943 of H.E.President of Afghanistan, under the ACBR General Directorate of Industry and Commerce, In FY1398 ACBR One-Stop-Shop upgaded to the Directorate.

Objective of establishing of One-Stop-Shop:
Based on agreements of the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and for the good government, supporting the investors, simpling the process of of registration of licenses fromthe part of all relevant departments and effective management of this process to deliver good service under one place it was established.


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The Afghanistan Central Business Registry & Intellectual property (ACBRIP) is the government agency under MOIC. This office is basically in-charge of registering businesses in the country.Formerly, ACBR was established in 2008 with initial function of registering business licenses, issued by AISA. Later, in 2012 Intellectual property was reformed underneath ACBR to deliver trademark registration services. As of now, in very next future we will also be performing patent, GI registration, industrial design & integrated circuit registration services.The following year, licenses and NGOs Directorate was transformed to ACBRIP and services have been extended t ...
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